First, we welcome your visit to Taiwan, a beautiful city, from your own country. If you like judo or wanna learn and practice, we will recommend Shuangyuan Judo Hall to you. Shuangyuan Judo Hall is located at Wanhua District, Taipei with decades of history and a large number of students throughout the community. Up to now, there are four different parts can be chosen which are judo class for adults, self-defense judo class for male and female, gymnastics judo class and judo class for teenagers, children and preschools. The cost is low and we have courses almost everyday. We welcome your visit to Shuangyuan Judo Hall at anytime, of course, you are also welcomed if you join judo.
Since head coach Mr.Yang cannot speak English or other languages, he would not answer your questions over the phone. But if there is something you wanna know, we would urge you to come to Shuangyuan Judo Hall to ask by yourself. Also you can feel the environments of Judo Hall.

Operating Time : Tuesday、Wednesday、Thursday、Friday : 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm,
Saturday、Sunday 9:30 am to12:00 pm

Contact Info: (02)2308-9066 or 0939-117-836 head coach Mr.Yang

Address: 8F., No.102, Sec. 2, Huanhe S. Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan

Transportation: MRT Longshan Temple Station